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Chapter 436

Wood Zhening is currently the top male artist of Dongtian Group’s entertainment company, with super high traffic and huge fans.

But everyone who knows him knows that this guy’s private life is very messy.

Sleeping fans and female artists are commonplace.

Even he has an ambiguous relationship with the assistant and the makeup artist.

In many cases, the female bosses and senior executives of some companies are attracted to him, and he is also willing.

With a face, Wood Zhening has grown from a small internet celebrity to a first-line traffic in three years.

Every time he cooperates with a certain company, as long as he sees a good female boss, he will take the initiative to tease.

If the other party is old and ugly, but gives enough money or benefits, he will also agree.

Wood Zhening was fascinated when he saw Sarah.

And such a young and beautiful female boss? ? ?

No one can compare Sarah’s appearance and figure, even if he has seen so many female stars.

The key is that she is the owner of a multi-billion company.

Sarah was inspecting the crew, and suddenly there was a gust of fragrance.

As soon as he looked up, a tall and handsome man appeared in front of him.

“Hello boss, this is Wood Zhening!”

Wood Zhening took the initiative to stretch out his hand.

“Wood Zhening?”

Sarah knew him naturally.

“Sorry, my husband does not allow me to shake hands with men! Sorry!”

Sarah refused.

Wood Zhening retracted his hand in embarrassment.

He didn’t expect Sarah to get married.

But there was a flash of excitement in his eyes.

He likes young women best.

It is by no means comparable to those young girls.

His eyes flashed, and Sarah had been selected as his prey.

“Mr. Logan is really young and promising. Few people can compare his courage to create seven high-quality online movies at once!”

Wood Zhening praised.

Sarah smiled and said, “You still need your hard work, and I hope the works will sell out!”

“That’s for sure! I definitely try my best to make this movie!”

Wood Zhening promised.

Fu Guorui, the manager in charge of the entertainment section, said: “Mr. Logan, the publicity of the Seven Networks University has been fully broadcast! At present, several of Xiao Wood’s films are the most popular! It is expected that we will be able to divide the account based on these films alone. More than 400 million, even more!”

Sarah was excited when he heard it, and smiled: “Mr. Wood, you are Dongtian’s hope. Feel free to ask if you have any requirements!”

Sarah also understands this truth.

If you want to benefit, you have to treat Wood Zhening and the actress as an ancestor.

“Of course! I don’t know if President Logan has time tonight? I have a plan to talk to you. This is related to the development of Dongtian Group’s entertainment sector!”

Wood Zhening said with a smile.

Fu Guorui whispered to Sarah: “Mr. Logan, Xiao Wood’s brokerage team is very powerful. We signed it with a lot of money at the beginning. I think you should go!”

Sarah agreed: “Okay, for my first contact with the entertainment area, it would be great to have an expert advice!”

Wood Zhening and the assistant looked at each other.

He smiled.

The plum is hooked!

Eat it tonight!

“Zhening what are you doing? Wrong words come here?”

The female lead actress Wang Yixiao came over and asked displeasedly.

She has always had a good impression of Wood Zhening.

Moreover, the company speculates that she and Wood Zhening are lovers, and Wang Yixiao is looking forward to the day when the lovers will come true.

Therefore, Wang Yixiao is hostile to the girls around Wood Zhening.

Now seeing Wood Zhening look at Sarah’s eyes, she is very angry.

“Who are you? It was too late for us to talk to each other!”

Wang Yixiao said angrily.

Chapter 437

Wood Zhening immediately shouted: “What are you doing? This is our new boss, Mr. Logan!”

“What happened to the boss? Will it delay our conversation?”

Wang Yixiao is the number one female artist of the Dongtian Group, so she has a big shelf and doesn’t take anyone seriously.

“Okay, I won’t bother! Mr. Wood, don’t forget about the evening!”

Sarah smiled.

Wood Zhening was so excited to die, she nodded immediately: “Don’t worry, you wait for me to arrange!”

Wang Yixiao was even more angry when he saw this scene.

Naturally, I knew what Wood Zhening was going to do.

Both Wood Zhening and Wang Yixiao were absent-minded in this day’s shooting.

Originally, the acting skills of the two were very average.

So the things that were shot today are very poor, but the directors have to say yes.

Neither of these two people can’t afford to offend.

It happened that the two of them participated in the production of five major online movies.

“Forget it, the quality is almost okay, they have high traffic, and they can earn it back by fans when they are released!”

The director, screenwriter and others comforted themselves in this way.

Today, Levi has returned to Erick Group again.

Natalie didn’t let him idle and let him be an interviewer.

Although in Natalie’s view, Levi had no ability at all.

It can be seen that there is indeed a set of people.

So one day, Levi was interviewing.

Soon a few young people came to interview.

Levi glanced at the contract and said in amazement: “I came from Case Film Academy? I learned acting? Why did you come to apply for sales?”

“Mr. tells you that, the entertainment market is under too much pressure nowadays, without background and capital support, it is difficult to break through! Several of us come from the countryside, we have no money and no background, it is too difficult to mix up. I wanted to find a job to cope with life. problem.”

Several young people bowed their heads, very disappointed.

There are many such cases.

There are only a few artists in their early days.

Most of the artists who followed the line of artists were not even regarded as Internet celebrities and could only work in other industries.

Even these people have great acting skills.

Speaking of entertainment, Levi immediately thought of his wife’s company.

Recently, it seems that the scale of entertainment has been expanded and there is a shortage of manpower.

“Then you guys will perform for me first, for one minute each, improvise!”

Levi smiled.

Although several people are puzzled.

But after all, Levi is an interviewer.

They still do as required.

“Not bad! The acting is really good!”

Levi praised it from the bottom of his heart.

These young people have great acting skills.

Obviously, I didn’t meet the talents.

Nowadays, those who have acting skills can’t receive movies, but a bunch of traffic stars are acting, and those with poor acting skills are dying.

Lead to a lot of bad movies on the market.

“You can show other specialties!”

Several people showed their skills in dancing and singing.

“Well, you guys are great! Sign first!”

Levi smiled.


A few were taken aback.

After performing singing and dancing, can you sign a sales position?

How did they know that Levi was going to give them a great good fortune.

Let them become big stars from people who can’t afford to eat.

The other side.

In the evening, after get off work.

Sarah came to the crew specially.

“Hello, President Logan, Xiao Wood is too busy. He has already returned to his residence. He will have to attend a reception later. Time is urgent. So if you have anything, go directly to his residence!”

Said the assistant.

“Okay, please lead the way.”

Sarah didn’t think much, and followed the assistant to the artist’s residence.

She didn’t think badly.

One, there are many people.

Second, Wood Zhe Ning is a big-name first-line player, and will never do anything that will damage his reputation.

Chapter 438

It’s just that the plum was dyed wrong.

His management team knows about him.

Secondly, Wood Zhening is not afraid of any influence at all.

Sarah came to Wood Zhening’s room.

Wood Zhening had just finished bathing, wearing a bathrobe, showing a strong chest muscle.

When Sarah saw it, he immediately turned his head to leave.

“Why did Mr. Logan leave? It’s okay!”

Wood Zhening hurriedly stepped forward to stop Sarah.

Sarah turned his head and smiled apologetically: “I was abrupt. I didn’t expect you to be in the shower.”

“I’m not so particular, Mr. Logan sits!”

Wood Zhening smiled.

Sarah asked directly: “Mr. Wood, didn’t you say that you have important matters to discuss with me during the day? What is it?”

“Sister Wang, go get things!”

Wood Zhening waved, and the agent Wang Jie left immediately.

Where did Sarah understand that Sister Wang didn’t take things at all.

Before Sister Wang left, she closed the door by the way.

Seeing the door closed, Sarah’s heart tightened.

After all, lone men and widows live in the same room.

Standing in front of Sarah, Wood Zhening smiled and said, “How does Logan always feel about me?”

“Very powerful, big traffic star!”

“No, I mean you look at my appearance and how I am in shape? Is there any heartbeat?”

Wood Zhening ridiculed.

“Huh? What do you mean?”

Sarah realized that something was wrong.

Wood Zhening approached a bit: “Mr. Logan, I decided to give you a chance-let you have me all night!”

In the past, as long as Wood Zhening said this sentence, the bosses of rich women and women would rush on frantically.

But Sarah’s reaction was beyond his expectations.

Unmoved, even his face was covered with frost and anger.

“Mr. Wood, please respect yourself! Nothing else, I’m leaving!”

Sarah said angrily.

“Hey, don’t go, let’s discuss it!”

How can Wood Zhening allow the fat in his mouth to slip away?

“You get out of the way!!! If you mess around, I will definitely be held accountable!”

Sarah roared angrily.

Wood Zhening sneered: “Women, I look for you because I can value you, don’t be shameless! Don’t rely on you as the boss, I dare not move you? To tell you the truth, you have to provide for me in Dongtian Group! It’s uncle!”


The plum is out of anger.

I didn’t expect to meet such an artist!

Wood Zhening sneered and threatened: “Sarah, you are obedient, I promise that the movie will sell well, and the entertainment business of Dongtian Group will be improved! Otherwise, I will make it difficult for you!

Sarah bit his lip and stared at Wood Zhening.

“Come on, as long as you listen to me, both parties will benefit!”

With that said, Wood Zhening was about to pounce on Sarah.


At this time the door actually opened.

Wang Yixiao walked in from outside.


Sarah breathed a sigh of relief.

But Wood Zhening was about to explode.

This stupid woman is ruining her own good deeds.

“Well, you Sarah, as the boss of the company, you didn’t keep your duty and seduce subordinate artists? You are really shameless!”

Wang Yixiao pointed at Sarah angrily.

Sarah was completely stunned.

It’s obviously Wood Zhening who has a bad heart, how can he be his own fault?

“Sarah, are you too shameless? I heard that you have been married for six years! You are still hooking up outside, you are such a good woman!”

“Smelly shameless! You woman is really shameless!!!”

Wood Zhening fell silent when Wang Yixiao scolded.

It seems to default to Wang Yixiao’s behavior.

Chapter 439

It was not him who was wrong, but Sarah.

Sarah immediately said angrily: “Wood Zhening, please explain clearly, tell others what is going on?”

At this time, Wood Zhening’s agent and several assistants also arrived.

“Okay! The truth is right? Sarah, you seduce me in an vain attempt to get my body, but I rejected it. It’s that simple!”

Wood Zhening sneered.

Hearing Wood Zhening upside down black and white, Sarah was furious.

“Are you talking nonsense? Obviously you want to do it to me!”

Sarah said angrily.

Wang Yixiao pushed Sarah a hand: “What are you looking up to? I can see exactly what you did just now! You are the one who seduce people!”

Wang Yixiao likes Wood Zhening.

Even if Wood Zhening did something wrong, she would do her best to maintain it.

Push all faults on others.

Just like now.

“you guys…”

Sarah is really going to be fainted with anger.

Sister Wang, the agent, immediately said: “Mr. Logan can’t do this. Although you are the boss, you can’t mess around? Xiao Wood is an artist. If this spreads out, his career will be ruined, even your company will be ruined. Affected?”

“Yes, Mr. Logan, what kind of man can you not get with your strength? Just let Xiao Wood go!”

“Yes, President Logan, let Xiao Wood go! Don’t embarrass him!”

People in Wood Zhening’s management team sought advice.

“You… I am… I am clearly not me…”

Sarah was so embarrassed that he didn’t know how to explain it.

The key is not clear at all.

Those present are their people.

No matter how long Sarah’s mouth grows, it is useless.

“Mr. Logan, please leave quickly, we will assume that today’s thing has not happened, don’t worry, we will not pursue it!”

The agent Wang Jie took Sarah away.

Sarah was even more confused.

She is obviously the victim?

Why did she become a villain in the blink of an eye?

Why is it that people are still in control?

Sarah wanted to expel all these people in an instant.

She called Fu Guorui to clarify the matter.

“Mr. Logan can’t do it, Dongtian Group’s entertainment sector now depends on Wood Zhening and Wang Yixiao. We are too late to provide it, so how can we be expelled?”

“Mr. Logan listen to me, calm down! If you do this, it will not do the company any good!”


Plum dyed angrily and gritted his teeth.

She was obviously injured!

But helpless!

In Wood Zhening’s room.

Wang Yixiao sneered and said: “Why are you messing around? This woman is not ordinary. Once you get hold of your handle, you don’t know how you died.”

“Huh, is there anything? I will get this woman sooner or later!”

Wood Zhening is still angry that Wang Yixiao broke his good deeds.

Otherwise, Sarah will not escape tonight.

“Well, Miss Wang, stop arguing. Xiao Wood is very playful, it’s okay.”

Sister Wang persuaded the agent.

At this time, Sister Wang received a call.

“Ah? What? Young Lord Cox from the provincial capital wants to see Xiao Wood?”

Wang Yixiao’s agent also received a call.

It was also Young Lord Cox who wanted to see him.

“No, no one, no mood tonight!”

Wood Zhening became more angry the more he thought about it.

“My young Lord, you really can see this! This is the provincial city of Cox Family, no one can’t afford to offend it!”

Sister Wang said.

Soon after, a car came downstairs to pick up artists such as Wood Zhening and Wang Yixiao.

A total of ten people are the pillars of Dongtian Group’s entertainment sector.

Chapter 440

Sarah sulked all night.

But no way.

Can only wait for the film to finish.

“My wife, is there a shortage of staff in the entertainment section of your company?”

Levi asked.

Sarah nodded: “Yes, there is a shortage of manpower. I have been recruiting actors all the time!”

“It just so happened that during the interview yesterday, I signed four for you. I interviewed in person. All aspects of acting are online, just lack of opportunities!”

Levi told Sarah about the interview during the day.

“It’s so pitiful. I learned to perform singing, but I was reduced to looking for other jobs.”

Sarah sighed.

“Then I will let them find you tomorrow!”


On the second day, Sarah just arrived at the company shortly after.

The four people arranged by Levi arrived.

Sarah caught a man and a woman at a glance.

The male Graham Mingjia, the girl Hart Zihan.

The appearance condition is very good.

It stands to reason that these two people have a chance to get ahead.

It’s just that they can’t accept the unspoken rules of the industry. They have no background and come from the countryside.

So it’s down to this point.

Sarah called for professionals from the entertainment department to interview several people.

The last few people are qualified.

After signing the contract, they officially became the contracted artists of Dongtian Group.

Although starting from the bottom, the four are very excited.

They also understand the status of Dongtian Group in the Case York entertainment circle. If it weren’t for Levi, would they have this opportunity?

Hart Zihan immediately sent a message to Levi to invite him to dinner.

In the crew.

Top artists such as Wood Zhening and Wang Yixiao are usually lazy and perfunctory.

Today, these people are even more absent-minded.

It is common to memorize the lines wrongly and forget the lines.

Sometimes Wood Zhening’s eyes are erratic, and he doesn’t look at the camera at all.

The crew is really angry.

But helpless.

After all, they are big names and can’t afford to offend them.

You can only shoot one point, and strive for perfection in post-editing.

Wood Zhening and Wang Yixiao looked at each other, and they were even more domineering.

After what happened last night.

They are very dissatisfied with Sarah and even want revenge.

As a result, Cox Zhaolong approached them last night.

Strengthen their ideas.

Must retaliate against Dongtian Group.

“I would like to introduce to you, the company has signed a few new artists, who graduated from Case Film Academy! I am very capable, so I will give you the crew first to reduce your burden!”

Fu Guorui brought Hart Zihan to the crew.

Seeing the four stupid people, most of the people present were very disgusted.

For newcomers, few will like it.

“Can you call it whatever you want?”

Wood Zhening asked.

Fu Guorui laughed and said, “Of course, Xiao Wood, you are a senior to them, and you are giving them a chance!”

The four Hart Zihan naturally recognized such big stars as Wood Zhening and Wang Yixiao.

They look forward to being called.

If you can have a good relationship with them.

There are many opportunities in the future!

“That’s good! Come, you go and pour me a glass of water!”

Wood Zhening pointed to Hart Zihan.

“Me? Okay!”

Hart Zihan was flattered.

She went to catch the water right away.

After receiving the water, he cautiously brought it to Wood Zhening.

“Senior, please drink water!”

Hart Zihan smiled.

Wood Zhening looked at Hart Zihan carefully.

This chick looks really good, not worse than Wang Yixiao at all?


Wang Yixiao reminded him that Wood Zhening took the water glass.

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